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Your can help NORKENYA response during Drought and Famine emergencies

When the unthinkable happens, NORKENYA delivers rapid, lifesaving aid to hard-hit communities and immediately begins to work toward long-term recovery. Your company can become a  NORKENYA  Humanitarian Emergency Response Partner – a relationship that allows your employees to be involved and informed and quickly make a difference, when disasters strike. 

Donations to  NORKENYA  maximize your company’s commitment to helping people survive a disaster and build back better. NORKENYA   is proud to have corporate partners who share our mission to help people around the world turn the crises they face into the opportunities they deserve.

عندما يحدث ما لا يمكن تصوره، يسلم نوركينيا السريع، المساعدات المنقذة للحياة للمجتمعات المحلية المتضررة بشدة وفورا يبدأ بالعمل من أجل الانتعاش على المدى الطويل. يمكن تصبح "نوركينيا الإنسانية الطارئة استجابة شريك" – علاقة التي يسمح لموظّفيك تشارك، وأبلغ الشركة الخاصة بك وجعل فرقا، بسرعة عند وقوع الكوارث. الهبات إلى نوركينيا تحقيق أقصى قدر من الالتزام الخاص بالشركة لمساعدة الناس على البقاء على قيد الحياة الكوارث وبناء أفضل مرة أخرى.  فيلق الرحمة تفخر بأن لديها شركاء الشركات الذين يشتركون في مهمتنا لمساعدة الناس في جميع أنحاء العالم تتجه الأزمات التي يواجهونها في الفرص التي يستحقونها. 

The benefits of a corporate emergency partnership Through this program, your company can set up a pre-planned and -budgeted emergency fund that delivers benefits to both partners:

  • It allows  NORKENYA  to respond to disasters quickly and provide aid in an expedient, efficient way
  •  NORKENYA  will help your company reach your CSR and philanthropy goals
  • Advance planning can help increase employee participation and engagement in philanthropy campaigns
  •  NORKENYA will provide customized help to implement and promote the programs most important to your corporation and employees
Success stories

A number of our corporate partners are already participating in our Emergency Response Partner program:

Hashi Energy – Hashi Energy Limited, a Kenyan company and a major player in the Oil business in Kenya, DRC, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi management and employees supported the program, "SKIP LUNCH, FIGHT HUNGER" shortly after the worst humanitarian crisis of 2011, raising $10,000 to support the people of Northern Kenya.

Equity Bank Limited – is a Kenyan reputable bank with subsidiaries in KenyaUgandaSouth SudanRwanda and Tanzania also contributed to the "SKIP LUNCH, FIGHT HUNGER" helping the people of Wajir County and surroundings. 

How your company can become a preferred NORKENYA Emergency Response Partner

  • Establish a pre-budgeted Emergency Fund so that your support is readily accessible to  NORKENYA when disaster strikes.
  • Become an Emergency Response Roster member and receive the most timely and up-to-date information during emergencies. If interested please send us an email.
  • Set up an online corporate fundraising page or a CSR in your website such as This:
  • Become a Program Specific Partner and immediately support active programs during and after emergencies.
  • Establish a matching gifts program, to match or double match your employees’ gifts during emergencies. Matching gifts help multiply the benefits of individual and company donations.
  • Engage consumers via your website, email, social media or retail channels by facilitating contributions or through a cause marketing campaign.

For information about developing your company’s successful 
 NORKENYA emergency response program, contact:

Ibrahim Ahmed

Director -Operations