Strategic Plans (2017 - 2019)

Performance Area
Performance Measures
Time Frame
School WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)
Provision of Water, Sanitation Facilities and Promotion of Hygiene Awareness in 7 Arid Schools
The 7 Schools have Adequate Water for Drinking, Cooking and Washing hands, WASH facilities are working
2017 - 2018
Livelihood Projects
Securing Water Supply by rehabilitating the old Earth Water Dams, Construction of New ones, Surveillance mechanism of Livestock Diseases and treatment thereof


KENYA-SOMALIA (CROSS BORDER) Improvement to Communities resilience To cope with Recurring Droughts through the Provision of Water for both HUMAN AND LIVESTOCK Coupled with Diseases Control and Surveillance Mechanism
Lack of Water Supply in most of these areas. Most of the Dams, Earth Water Pans quickly dry up as they have not rehabilitated of late and some have completely broken down.

Ectoparasites which include biting flies, ticks, mange and lice have increased tremendously in population. They
are infesting mainly cattle, camels and sheep. There is a profound fear that insect-borne disease outbreaks are
imminent. A major factor that makes the livestock more vulnerable is that little has been done in this aspect.

Many activities focus on deworming mainly and ectoparasite control measures are negligible partly due to the prohibitive prices of acaricides.

Disease preventive measures especially vaccinations against endemic conditions like CCPP, CBPP and PPR
need to have a regular calendar and adequate coverage to have a tangible impact on reduction of disease incidences.

Supportive and clinical therapy i.e. treatment of the indisposed livestock and giving them supportive medication to thrive well needs also be a regular undertaking. This salvages the already sick, reduces vulnerability of the
weak by boosting them and in effect reduces the mortality rate  that might otherwise result.

Mineral and vitamin supplementation especially as a boost to fertility. This has of late become an area worth focusing. The camel happens to be the most adapted animal in this climatic condition. However its milk yield is pegged on conception which in turn depends on nutrition. They are very sensitive to mineral deficiencies which studies have shown to be a major setback in their production. There is thus need to supply these in order to realize optimum yields for better livelihoods.
Earth Water Pans have been rehabilitated in atleast 8 Locations in Mandera East and Lafey

Livestock Mass Vaccination to be conducted atleast 2 times a year starting Half of 2017

Community Empowerment, Social Justice & Gender Capacity Building
The actions we intend to implement is aimed at Empowering communities (men, women and vulnerable persons) by involving them in series of platforms, workshops, meetings, training and by strengthening the mechanisms to network and build capacities of Smaller NGO's, CBO'S and NSAs’ involvement with the communities at a local level in the development processes leading to openness, transparency and accountability of governance of all institutions in six (6) districts of Greater Mandera County, Northern Kenya
Women, Elders, Disabled Groups, Youth and School Children
Continuous from 2017 - 2018