Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Last week, a team from Northern Kenya Caucus have been in Kenya's Northern region of Pokot County, in an area around West/North Pokot, particularly the Sigor Division and along the Wei Wei River in Lumut assesing the drought and famine situation and thereby distributing relief food and water.

The Community at Pokot Village  in Lomut received us very well and shared with us their problems. We discussed their problems and ways to mitigate the drought situation afflicting them. We concluded on embarking on a small irrigational scheme of around 50 acres along Lomut for them to grow some drought resistant crops, Maize, Tomatoes to cushion them during these drought period and beyond. The Pokot Village Community decided to call it : LOMUT-GAZETO COMMUNITY IRRIGATION SCHEME.

There is currently another irrigation scheme along River Wei Wei Known as WeiWei Irrigation scheme and is located in Sigor, West Pokot District, 510 km north of Nairobi, Kenya. What we have gone to check is whether we can help the Pokot communities further down along Lomut area to see if there is a possibility for another smaller irrigational scheme. The foothills and plains of the Wei Wei location are situated in the South-Eastern part of the District, where the Wei Wei River runs through the area from South to North-East originating from the Cherangani Hills.

Please help us achieve that goal, to start the project which will ultimately help the communities living there. This is part of our long term startegy to make these communities self sufficient