Tuesday, 14 June 2011


One Thing. Seeing our people starving on TV needs to end. Our Organization, NORTHERN KENYA CAUCUS , A humanitarian and Emergency Relief organization has embarked on relief food and Water distribution at the moment and Alhamdulillah we are trying our best. This will be complimented by our strategy for long term sustainable programs. But at the moment, There are a lot of people in an emergency situation who can't wait for Long term strategies...That is why, we are seeking your help by Food, Cash, Clothes donations. Every one of us has a responsibility to this project.
We are still going on our programme...FOOD CARAVAN supplemented by our earlier Program, SKIP LUNCH, FIGHT HUNGER...simultaneously Where you can donate Food, Clothes or even contribute your 100, 50, 200, 1000 shillings, Equivalent of USD$2-$10,  so that we go and save our people. I know most of us can and so every one of us should know the responsibilities lies with us. Mind you, your 100 Shillings that you use for a cup of tea or for Matatu Fare will go along way in alleviating Hunger and Starvation in Northern Kenya. This will be re-paid by Allah in Kind rewards.
We should first start by helping ourselves before others start helping us....This is a process of committing our able communities to help the ones who don't have. The Number you can use to M-PESA is 0726-722-226. For those who are abroad, Call +254.726.722-226 by Notifying Mr. Ibraheem or by Indicating on Western Union Wire Transfer, NORTHERN KENYA CAUCUS, Mr. Ibrahim +254.726.722-226.