Friday, 24 June 2011


It has become a habit from time immemorial for Corrupt officers to sell relief food destined for needy drought and famine stricken families in Parts of North Eastern Province, Upper Eastern and other ASAL regions.

Now, a  regional commissioner has issued a stern warning to administration officers found selling relief food. Lower North Eastern Regional Commissioner Hassan Farah said tough action will be taken against the officers. His warning comes a few days after police officers impounded 40 bags of rice in the house of a local elder, meant for relief food for residents of Mbalambala. The rice was to be sold to individuals in the town at a throw away price.

Speaking in Dertu divison Daadab district while on a mission to assess the drought situation, Farah said the government will not tolerate officers who take advantage of famine to enrich themselves. He said investigations have started to identify the people behind the plan. He said complaints have been raised by residents complaining that some DCs, DOs, chiefs and their assistants are colluding with the business community and selling relief food. "It is very unfortunate that even as the government tries to do all it can to ensure that nobody dies as a result of hunger including doubling the amount of relief food being distributed in each and every district, wananchi are still complaining that the food is not reaching them in the villages. We are calling for transparency from those with the responsibility of distributing the food," said the commissioner.

He told Wananchi to be on the look out for errant government officers and report them to the relevant authorities. Farah also ordered the DC to put the amount of relief food available on the notice board. He said 2,247 bags of rice will be distributed equally in all the districts within Garissa County every month.

The Commissioner challenged people from the business community, religious leaders, politicians and other well wishers to join hands and contribute what they can to assist those suffering as the responsibility should not only be left to the government. He advised residents to sell some of their animals to the government through the off take programme so as to avoid massive losses.