Saturday, 16 July 2011


A Wajir Child facing Starvation
This Man Lost 100 Camels due to Drought

Children and Women at Great Risk due to famine
Northern Kenya Caucus Relief Food Distribution at Wajir,Kenya 2011

Scrambling at Food Distribution, Hadaado, Wajir, Northern Kenya

Food Distribution Hadado, Wajir, Kenya
Norkenya Food Ration Distribution, Wajir

Old Man with nothing, just Hunger and Old age

Hadado, Wajir Elders during briefing by Northern Kenya Caucus Director

Elders at Hadado, Wajir, Northern Kenya

Elders Briefing before Relief food distribution

This Old man couldn't go to the Food distribution Centre

One of the Relief Food Donation trucks sent by Northern Kenya Caucus to Wajir West

A elder staring at Food Center

Relief Food Distribution starts in Lafaley, Wajir, Kenya

NorKenya Famine Food Relief, Lafaley, Wajir, North Eastern Province, Kenya

Giving out Food Ratio to Wajir Residents

Northern Kenya Caucus Relief Food Donations Trucks