Thursday, 24 January 2013


Starting this year, NORTHERN KENYA CAUCUS (NORKENYA) will bring a new drilling technology called the Village Drill,  to their School WASH programs in Northern Kenya.

Schools in Northern Kenya have been affected so much not only in terms of infrastructure but the provision of Water, Sanitation facilities and Hygiene.

The Program will first start with 7 schools in Mandera East and Lafey districts along the Kenya Somalia Border through the use of the "Village Drill", A new technonolgy by, An American group and has been presented through various circles and meetings.

By using the “Village Drill” (a human powered drilling rig), we can now bring clean water to many of our schools and communities lviing in arid and semi-arid vast areas of Northern Kenya. The delivery of this water drill will provide new hope to the communities who suffer every day from scarce and contaminated water and prolonged droughts.

Without Water and proper hygiene, our hospital will be occupied by people who are sick due to contaminated water. With clean water, we can eradicate half the problems on an already overburdened health care system, freeing up beds and doctors to concentrate on other health needs such as AIDS, Malaria, and Measles.

With water, When women and girls are not fetching water for 6 hours a day they can be involved with education an entrepreneurial endeavours. For men, to be healthy means to be more consistent with their daily labour. Most importantly is that healthy children do not miss school, they study and they build a new future for their families.